Ever since eating some very delicious macaroons at my graduation, I have been keen to try making them. They’ve popped up in the Bake Off several times this year, as they do every year.

I followed this recipe by Tom Whitaker, from Masterchef, which are just simple, traditional flavoured macaroons;

20150905_185308 20150906_093016

Separating eggs was something I’d never done before, so these required a bit of a new skill. The piping also required skill (which I didn’t have for the first few I piped out)! Overall, the preparation wasn’t too difficult and it was satisfying to get them in the oven relatively quickly. I was really pleased with them, especially as I’ve wanted to try them for ages. I also found the pink food colouring wasn’t very effective. I was using gel food colouring because I found some in the cupboard at home, but am not very familiar with it so perhaps didn’t use enough to give a bright colour. I’d like to make these again but would like to do more interesting flavours.


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