Halloween Biscuits!

I’m not normally a fan of the commercialism associated with Halloween but I think pumpkin shaped cookies are really attractive. I bought these fantastic cookie cutters in Waitrose and also bought some Halloween themed sprinkles because I couldn’t resist!

Cutters and sprinkles

For the biscuits, I used a simple mixture, with some added mixed spice to give them some flavour.


150g plain flour
125g margarine
50g caster sugar
¾ tsp mixed spice

Step 1. Cream the sugar and margarine.

Step 2. Fold in the flour and bring together into a dough.

Step 3. Roll out with a floured surface and rolling pin and get creative!

Step 4. Bake on a baking paper covered tray for approximately 15 minutes until beginning to go golden.


Whenever I’ve made iced biscuits before I have just thrown the icing on and hoped it didn’t run off, so the aim of this bake was to practice icing. This time I piped an outline close to the edge of the biscuit and then thinned the icing mixture and used it to flood the middle of the biscuit. My piping successfully contained the icing; you can see on the close up of the bat.

Such concentration!

I think the effect works and makes icing look far neater. If I could pipe more precisely in a straight line, it would look neater still.

I took these as my offering to a friend’s dinner party and they were very quickly demolished, with many positive comments. An additional display tip; I arranged them on non stick plastic material placed on a tray, designed to put in the bottom of cupboards to stop things sliding about. It managed to stop the biscuits sliding about with the tray on the back seat of the car.


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