Once again inspired by the GBBO, I decided to try a type of pastry I’d never made before; choux pastry, in the form of profiteroles! I love profiteroles and often choose them as a desert when out to dinner but have never thought about making them.

Here is the recipe I followed;

It’s James Martin’s original chocolate profiteroles, just with some orange zest in the cream used to fill them.

The choux pastry was in theory simple to make, but mine came out too runny to pipe into the correct circles. So after much googling of ‘choux pastry runny what to do’ I added more flour, at the wrong moment. Whilst the pastry eventually looked good before I put it in the oven, the profiteroles came out hemisphere shaped, rather than rising into spheres.


The chocolate sauce was more of a success story. Made by adding sugar dissolved in water to a vessel of melted chocolate, the sauce came out really shiny and a great consistency to pour over the profiteroles. So that’s a good quick and easy chocolate sauce.

Making the chocolate sauce
The result

Despite the fact they didn’t rise, the profiteroles still tasted great, especially with the addition of the orange zest to the cream and with lots of the chocolate sauce poured over!!


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