Reindeer Cupcakes

Next week I’m running an activity making these beauties at Guides. This was the result of my practice run of baking these adorable chocolate reindeer cupcakes.


The inspiration came from this blog post by Lizzy Mae Early;


To make a batch of 6 cakes:

1 medium egg

60 g margarine

60 g caster sugar

70 g self raising flour

1 dessertspoon of cocoa powder


For decoration PER CAKE:

50 g chocolate

2 mini pretzels

1 red m&m

1 giant white chocolate button

1 mini marshmallow

Tube of dark icing


The girls loved making these and theirs actually did look pretty much like my example! Top tip for ‘icing’ the cakes with melted chocolate is to put the squares of chocolate into a ziplock freezer bag, then submerse the bag in hot water and the chocolate will melt. Cutting off a very small corner of the bag turns it into a piping bag. Super easy and great for minimising mess and danger to children!


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