Shortcrust Pastry

Ever since on my New Year’s break in the Lake District, I have been craving apple pie! We went in a delightful cafe called the Apple Pie Cafe in Ambleside, and had breakfast (very delicious) not their speciality!

This was the recipe I used from BBC Good food;

I don’t think I’ve made shortcrust pastry before and was surprised how simple it was! The apple pie was delicious, although make sure you don’t overfill with apples too much as mine overflowed and made a bit of a mess in the oven! Also I glazed with a little bit of milk instead, as it’s much cheaper than using an egg.

I had some left over pastry as my tin wasn’t as big as the recipe required, so I made some mince pies, in a greased fairy cake tin, putting a small dollop of mincemeat in each one. Yes, it was January but they were delicious and lasted less than an hour… Looking forward to making more mince pies next Christmas (or maybe before to use up the jar of mincemeat in the fridge).

Mince Pies




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