Chocolate Almond Marble Cake


The finished product

This is the recipe I followed, by Ruby Tandoh from the Bake Off;

The only real deviation I made from the recipe was to use chunks of chocolate, rather than chocolate chips, partly because there were no chocolate chips in the supermarket and partly because I think chunked chocolate tastes nicer. I used a ring mould belonging to Mum; not quite a bundt tin like the recipe called for, but a similar shape.

I greased and floured the tin and put a circle of grease-proof paper in the bottom, but the cake got a bit stuck and didn’t come out as one whole piece. I don’t know whether that was because I floured the tin too, rather than just greasing it or because I didn’t let it cool down enough. Anyway I patched it up! And you can’t tell unless you get too close! Despite this, the cake was delicious, almonds and chocolate really are a great match.

So the moral of the story is…beware of the Bundt tin (or more accurately ring mould)!


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