Easy Easter Layer Cake

As all good cakes start with inspiration, this one began with the purchase of a bag of Cadbury mini eggs. When I was young, Mum and I always used to make cupcakes with mini eggs on top, so I had to bake something involving mini eggs this Easter.

This is a special post because it’s the first joint bake I have published… The layering in this cake was actually my boyfriend’s idea, and we baked it together without too much disagreement on how everything should be done!

I used a 4 egg Victoria sponge recipe,

4 eggs
260 g self raising flour
230 g caster sugar
2 tbsp cocoa powder (in two thirds of the mixture only)
250 g margarine
1 tsp vanilla essence (in one third of mixture)

  1. Mix up the basic mixture by creaming the margarine and sugar first. Then whisk in the eggs and fold in flour.
  2. Move one third of the batter into a different bowl. Add the vanilla essence to bowl number 2 (with 1/3 mixture in) and fold the cocoa powder into the larger amount of mixture remaining in bowl number 1.
  3. Put the vanilla mixture in one round tin and divide the chocolate mixture evenly between two tins, to achieve the three layers.
  4. Bake on Gas Mark 5 for approximately 20 mins, but keep an eye on the sponges and bear in mind that the chocolate sponges may take longer too cook.
  5. Once cooled, sandwich with raspberry jam and cover the top with buttercream. Decorate with mini eggs.

We took this to a party and my friends demolished it very quickly! In hindsight, probably should’ve only used 11 mini eggs round the edge, like a Simnel cake and left off Judas.



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