Coconut Cupcakes

These look like standard vanilla sponge cupcakes but are actually coconut cupcakes inspired by this recipe by Sarah Cook (and a convenient 100 g of leftover desiccated coconut in the cupboard).

I made a slight change to the recipe by not blitzing the desiccated coconut into a powder. I personally liked the texture this added – the cakes were almost a cross between a cupcake and a bounty bar. Neither me, nor my cake tester (my Mum), could identify the taste of the melted white chocolate so I would be tempted not to bother with this if baking these cupcakes again. One thing to note is that this does make quite a big batch of cakes; I got about 20 although this obviously depends on the size of your cake cases.

Coconut Cupcake batter in cases

Honestly, the lemon curd topping was a result of running out of time, as these cakes were an accompaniment to the party cake (more about that soon…) and that consumed the majority of my concentration! Next time I need a coconut cupcake recipe I will try these again, but blitz the coconut as Sarah Cook suggests and top with a butter cream with a little lemon curd swirled in.

As a side note, the cupcake cases I used were purchased from a supermarket, a few years ago. If anyone knows of reasonably priced diagonal stripe patterned cases like these, let me know as I’d like to top up my stock!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Coconut cupcakes: the finished product!


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