Lime and Ginger Biscuit Bars

These are quick to make. I mean really quick. I whipped them up in about an hour one evening after work and this is a very good thing. There a time and a place for fancy bakes that take you all day but sometimes (most of the time) this is not possible!

I followed this recipe by Jane Hornby to the letter, as it needs no modifications. The only thing to say is that squeezing three limes has produced the necessary 100 ml of lime juice, both times I made this, so unless your limes are especially small you’ll probably be safe only buying three, rather than four.

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Lime ginger traybake bars

I have made these twice and the first time was during the great gingernut shortage of 2016*, but not to be deterred I used digestive biscuits (graham crackers I believe they are called if you live in the US). I tried to cheat my way to a ginger flavour by adding a teaspoon of ground ginger. So if you can’t find gingernuts then all is not lost as using plain biscuits as an alternative and the bars still taste great. If you are dead set on the ginger flavour then add some ground ginger to the biscuit base. You will need more than a teaspoon but don’t blame me if you add too much!!

The great thing about these is that the lime mixture can be prepared whilst the base is in the oven. The lime mixture does stay quite squishy so these are not the best thing to make if you’re planning on transporting your bake a long way.

Processed with VSCO
Lime ginger traybake bars

*OK so maybe I’m being a bit over dramatic here, but there genuinely was a shortage due to December’s floods. Here’s proof.


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