15 Recipes for Autumn Baking Inspiration

Autumn is a great time to get your bake back on. As a lover of summer , I really dislike autumn, but the only thing that redeems it are the great flavours. The evenings are drawing in (boo) and if you’re lacking motivation now we’re back to school or work and summer holiday season is over, here’s my pick of the best autumnal ingredients. Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything.


The quintessentially British autumnal ingredient, great in cakes, pies and crumbles.

Clockwise from top left; Norwegian apple cake, Classic apple pie (which I made last year but for some reason never made it to my blog), apples, Apple brown betty.

With it being apple season, here are a couple of tasty looking ideas from other bloggers that have caught my eye; this spiced apple cake by everythinglooksrosie or Lauren’s apple galette.


The dark purple jewels that are blackberries are more of a late summer/ early autumn treat. I love picking blackberries from the nature reserve near my house, but their prevalence in parks and wild spaces across the country is part of their charm.

Clockwise from top left; Wild blackberry and amaretti cake, blackberries, wheat-free blackberry and apple cake and apple and blackberry pie (I baked this last week, post coming soon)

Spiced latte

Few things rival that feeling of sitting down for a moments peace during a frantic day with a hot drink in your hand. Except that feeling of sitting down for a moments peace during a frantic day with a hot drink and cake in your hand!

If you are a particular fan of Starbucks* then I suppose it’ll be a pumpkin spice latte, but I’m more a plain coffee gal myself. Anyway, the flavours of coffee and warming spices are not one to be missed.

*other coffee shop chains available

From left; Chai latte cake , Gingerbread latte cake,

These ombre spice cupcakes by Sally’s baking addiction also look fab if you’re more of a cupcake person or Crazy for Crust’s pumpkin spice oatmeal bars caught my eye.


Best of the rest

Plums are yet another great seasonal fruit. This traybake from Waitrose looks simple and tasty.

Sloes can also be picked in the wild in England at this time of year. My mum and I are attempting to make sloe gin at the moment. If it is successful, there’ll be a blog post to follow. In the meantime, how about Laura Madeleine’s hazelnut cake with a blackberry sloe gin glaze.

And finally, if you’re less of a cake person and more of a cookie person, leaf shaped cookies like these by Sweet Sugar Belle are perfect for the season.


Happy Autumn!



2 thoughts on “15 Recipes for Autumn Baking Inspiration

  1. Oh my gosh, spiced latte? That sounds amazing! Have been playing around with a pumpkin shaped macaron, but given that I’m not American definitely didn’t want a pumpkin flavour (that’s a bit weird for anyone out of the US I think…)..I think a spiced chai or spiced latte buttercream might be the winner! Awesome post, so many good ideas.


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