Orange mousse ‘pumpkins’: fun Halloween no-bake dessert

It’s Halloween tomorrow and I must admit it’s far from my favourite celebration; I much prefer bonfire night. So I wasn’t going to bake anything Halloween themed, but then I saw the idea of using oranges to look like pumpkins and got this idea stuck in my head!

I would dearly love to credit the idea of the hollowed out oranges, but I saw it on a round up of pinterest post on somebody’s blog and unfortunately I’ve long forgotten whose! The one I took inspiration from didn’t have orange mousse inside it though!

There’s a lovely cafe in the village of Chipperfield called the Chipperfield Larder and they do the most wonderful orange sorbet served in hollowed out oranges, so I stuck with their orange theme. I was aiming for a creamy, orange taste, but having never made a mousse before, I took to the Internet in order to find a nice simple recipe. I chose to avoid faffing around with gelatin and instead used a slight adaptation of this recipe by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

Orange ‘pumpkin’ mousses

Makes 4.


5 oranges (4 to hollow out and 1 to use the zest from)
100 ml double cream
100 g cream cheese (I used the extra light low fat version,  which worked just fine)
1 egg white
50 g caster sugar


Electric whisk
Melon baller (not essential, but will make life a lot easier and is a surprisingly useful tool for hollowing out many things, including pumpkins.)


Step 1. Slice a small ‘lid’ off the top of four of the oranges and set aside for later. Scoop the flesh out, using a melon baller if you have one. (This is a slightly messy job, it might help to do it on a large plate to contain the juice). The juice and remaining flesh are not needed for this recipe so set aside to eat later!

Step 2. Place the egg white in a bowl and whisk (with electric whisk is much easier) until soft peaks form.

Step 3. Add 25 g of the sugar gradually to the egg white, whisking more along the way to create a glossy meringue.

Step 4. In a second bowl, give the cream cheese, orange zest and 25 g of the caster sugar a whisk just to mix it together.

Step 5. In a third bowl (yes sorry this recipe is not the world’s lightest on the washing up) whisk the double cream until soft peaks form.

Step 6. Combine all the ingredients by first folding the cream into the cream cheese mixture.  Fold gently with a metal spoon to mix.

Step 7. Add the egg white too, again folding gently with a metal spoon.

Step 8. Spoon into the orange pots, taking care not to squash the mixture too much and allow it to lose its air.

Step 9. Leave to chill in the fridge. Hugh says several hours or overnight. I left mine overnight.

Step 10. Optional: add a stalk to the orange. I used some leftover green fondant icing to mould one.



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