Hot jewelled orange salad – healthy dessert

I am tempted to apologise for even calling something with an ingredient list this short a recipe. But sometimes nothing beats simple.

Oranges and blueberries prepped in the pan
Oranges and blueberries prepped in the pan

I tend to shy away from fruit salad for pudding in the winter because I crave something warm and comforting, which in reality often means something unhealthy.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with that, Christmas can be a season of indulgence and this is a good way to include more fruit. I think this would make a great accompaniment to dessert at a festive dinner party, or just a lovely quick and light, healthy pudding for a regular meal. Even better, chop up the fruit and place it in the pan whilst you’re in the kitchen anyway preparing dinner. Then all you have to do after dinner is turn on the hob and stir a few times until the wonderful ruby colour of the blueberries mingles with the oranges.


Ingredients;            (These quantities serve 2 but are easily multiplied)

1 orange (navel variety are the tastiest)

1 clementine

Half a small punnet of blueberries


Step 1. Slice the blueberries in half.

Step 2. Peel and slice the orange and clementine. If you are wanting to be fancy, you could segment the orange properly. (If this is a technique you are unfamiliar with, there is a good explanation by Meseidy here.) If you are wanting to be quick and less messy, mine worked just fine sliced in rings, as per the picture.

Step 3. Place all the fruit in a small saucepan.

Step 4. Gently heat for a couple of minutes, stirring to ensure it doesn’t burn. Heat until the blueberries soften and their lovely colour begins to mingle with the fruit and the all the orange pieces are hot. Serve immediately.

Orange blueberry
Orange and blueberry hot fruit salad during the heating process

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