Fondant icing rose

Fondant Icing Rose Tutorial (no specialist equipment required)

I’ve been promising you a tutorial covering how to make fondant roses like the one below, and here it is. The rose below can be yours in 7 simple steps.

Fondant icing rose
The finished product!

I’m using the method introduced to me during a cupcake icing course run by the Chiltern Society, but I’m sure most techniques are similar. The main advantage of this method is that no specialist equipment is required, like many other flowers which require specific moulds.

Rose decorations on cupcakes
Rose decorations on cupcakes

All the equipment you need is;
Fondant icing
A dusting of icing sugar to stop it sticking to your work surface and rolling pin
A rolling pin
Some clingfilm

Step 1. Before working with your icing, you’ll need to warm it in your hands to make it flexible.

Step 2. Shape into a sausage approximately 2 cm long. You will be slicing it into 5 pieces of equal size.

Fondant rose tutorial step 2

Fondant rose tutorial step 3

Step 3. Take the first slice. (The action of slicing it will have adapted its shape from circular, that’s OK don’t worry). Place a small piece of clingfilm over the top and through the plastic rub your thumb over one edge of the icing to sort of stretch it, into a flat shape with one very thin edge.

Fondant rose tutorial step 3

Fondant rose tutorial step 3

Step 4. Roll the first slice into a curl with the thin edge on top.

Fondant rose tutorial step 4
Fondant rose tutorial step 4

Step 5.  Continue in the same way with a second slice. Curl around the first slice (you may need a dab of water to make it stick). The image below shows it after three petals have been added.

Fondant rose tutorial step 5

Step 6. Repeat with the rest of the slices, adding the petals onto the rose at different points around the flower each time…it’s as simple as that.

Step 7. The result will look something like this.You’ll probably now have a flower that is proportionately too tall and you may like to trim the bottom and then smooth the bottom off.

See, I told you it was simple, and these roses are great to use on cupcakes and larger celebration cakes, such as my bonkers birthday cake (below).

Processed with VSCO
Roses on bonkers birthday cake

(Please excuse the cracked edges of the green rose; I was using up some older icing when taking the step by step pictures.)






4 thoughts on “Fondant Icing Rose Tutorial (no specialist equipment required)

  1. Nice tutorial! Step-by-step pictures are so helpful. I’ve seen Mich Turner use this method of making roses, its on youtube too. If you’re interested, I post weekly about my cake decorating class, so there’s some tutorials there too!

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