Champagne jelly snowglobes

Prosecco Jelly Snowglobe Desserts

Looking for a glamorous adult dessert that’s simple to prepare? What if I told you it’s no cook and prepare ahead too? Sound good? These prosecco jellies (set to look like snowglobes, rather appropriately for the current weather) are pure grown up luxury. I actually made these for New Year’s Eve, but rather than leave the post languishing in my drafts for 11 months, I thought I’d share it now as this would be a great end to a home cooked Valentine’s Day meal for that special someone.

Champagne jelly snowglobes
Prosecco jelly snowglobes

I had never cooked with gelatine before because it was one of those ingredients that scared me, but it worked exactly as described and my jellies had the perfect wobble!

The original recipe is by Penny Jirayuwatana and can be found here on Borough Market’s website.

Prosecco snowglobe jellies
Prosecco jelly snowglobes

These are champagne jellies so quite obviously a bottle of champagne is the key ingredient. I used a cheap bottle of prosecco from the supermarket and, although it will depend on how refined your guest(s) palates are, I thought this substitute worked well. That makes the recipe a bit kinder on the purse strings too. I also left out the silver leaf for similar reasons.

The only other adaptation I made was to halve the champagne jelly quantity. I divided this between four dariole moulds* and then found I needed the whole quantity of white chocolate jelly to form the snow on the four jellies. This will depend on the moulds or pots you are using but the quantities I used (differing from the original recipe) are below.

[Makes 4 jellies]

For the champagne ‘sky’ jelly:
4 leaves of gelatine
375 ml of prosecco or champagne
60 g sugar
Half a small packet of blueberries
A few pinches of desiccated coconut

For the white chocolate ‘snow’ jelly:
1 leaf of gelatine
175 ml of milk (I used semi-skimmed)
10 g sugar
75 g good quality white chocolate, broken up

I suggest you follow the recipe as written by Penny Jirayuwatana here as it explains everything nice and clearly. I left my jelly slightly too long (about 4 hrs) before adding the blueberries and coconut so it had just set and I had to stir it up, but it all turned out ok, so don’t panic if you do this too.

If you like to experiment, replacing the blueberries with raspberries would add a splash of colour and be ideal for Valentine’s day. I’d also be keen to see how the addition of sprinkles would work; maybe some of those little pink hearts meant for topping cupcakes?

Prosecco jelly snowglobes
Prosecco jelly snowglobes

*Equipment-wise you will need a vessel in which to set the jellies. I was lucky that Mum had some of these John Lewis pudding moulds I was able to borrow, but drinking glasses, or even certain shapes of yoghurt pot might work. If you’re in the UK, those glasses that the small jars of Nutella come in have a nice rounded top and straight sides.


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